Cream Teas

Cream Teas
We'll be hoping to have a few of these....

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

epilogue back to thurso 24 miles

Nice and relaxed day, signed official end to end book and bought a fridge magnet. Met a group of ten that had done a relay ride over three days and also
3 Canadians that had done it over 24 days. Then an easy ride back to thurso with a tail wind. Found a chippy selling battered mars bars for 70p, so we had one each and agreed they were scrummy, I thinks a celebrations or heroes tempera would make a fab pud. Went to superstore to stock up on food and reading material for Tmrws mammoth 14hr train journey. Only 26 hrs from cat cuddles! Xx
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battered mars bar challenge complete!

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

day 15 bettyhill to john o'groats 50 miles

Today was a.head wind all the way and early hills made it tough, lunch in thurso and then 19 miles later we're there! Personalized the sign post with our total 1017 miles, we had a big whoop and a coconut ice-cream to celebrate! Checked into the seaview hotel, and now getting ready for a slap up meal.
We were hoping for a cyclists tan, but instead we have bruises and midge bites! Mary commented that sanjs legs look like one of those purple and orange vision tests! Oh, apart from the wind, we were quite dry and the sun even popped out when we arrived :)
Looking forward to a short ride back to thurso and chill out day Tmrw. Once again thanks for all comments they really have kept us going these last 15 days xxxxxxxx
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we did it!

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Nearly there! - keep pedalling - put out the flags. I am so proud of you both. Will long to see you when you have recovered. Lots of Love Mum xx

Monday, 20 June 2011

day 14, bonar bridge to bettyhill 56 miles

Today was a shorter day so we had a lie in and took it easy leaving bonar bridge, stocking up with food from the local shop, aware that it is Monday and we would be going thru some remote countryside. We came across some roadworks causing long delays for motorists, but we were allowed thru as long as we carried/ pushed the bikes avoiding the hot tarmac. This we did and got a round of applause from car at other end who commented "i wish we could carry our car over"! Then we stopped at the Falls of Shin, which had a cafe where we couldn't decide on one cake, so shared 3! Then some cycling thru rugged country long uphill, nice descent, and cycled along loch naver, then river naver to its mouth at bettyhill. The lambs here are very cute. Oh yeah, we stopped at very remote pub, which looked closed, but the owner kindly made us a cuppa, lit the fire and let us eat our packed lunch there. Bnb is v basic, had a mile treck to local pub for food. Can't wait to get going Tmrw, just over 50 miles and we'll have completed our challenge, woo-hoo xxx
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Nearly there !

Glad to hear that you are nearly there and finding lots of tearooms to keep you going ;) We are all really enjoying reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Lukes BBQ went well, he had 3 friends over and they all slept in the tent in the garden. Looking forward to a good chat.
Wendy, Malc & Luke xxx